Editing Services

Good translation does not always create good writing. Increasingly, the English language is the 'world language' for business, politics, education and research, and the media. Many non-native English speakers use the language well in face-to-face and telephone conversations, meetings and presentations.

Documents are different. Frequently, leaflets, brochures, letters, reports and manuals are written in one language and then translated into English. But good translation does not always produce good writing. Writing clear and effective documents is a difficult process.

To achieve the right tone, the writer must understand the impact of different words and phrases -for example the impact of Anglo-Saxon words compared to those of Latin origin. To produce a readable document, the writer must be aware of English readability principles: word choice, lexical density, sentence length, sentence weighting, negation and voice.

We help non-native speakers avoid common errors in English, and we check translated work to ensure that it is readable, appropriate for its audience and positive in its impact.

We can rewrite your documents to make them clear and natural sounding.


England and America are two countries separated by the same language

George Bernard Shaw (1856 - 1950)