Business processes, procedures and policies

Implementation of procedures

A Procedure captures the specific actions that instruct a specific business user how to do their job. You would typically see a procedure included in an operating manual or training guide.

Analysis of business processes

A Process captures the sequence of steps at a slightly higher level, focusing on what needs to be accomplished and how activities from different departments integrate together.

A Business Process Model is Not a Procedure:

Bridging the gap

This is our solution - Bridging the Gap.

While Procedures are a valid form of documentation and can be necessary to train people to do their jobs, they tend not to achieve the same objectives as processes. Because they are so granular, you lose the big picture view of the end-to-end process. If you are looking at changing your systems or updating your processes, you might find that your thinking is too blinkered to discover the bigger impact improvements available to you. We provide an external input to complement your internal expertise arriving at an optimal resolution.

Everything should be made as simple as possible, but not simpler.

Albert Einstein